Training plan schedule

Hi I’ve started a training plan and I’m loving the experience so far. I’m an early morning rider for many reasons and I find I can get my work in with the Zwift imposed schedule.
Before going to bed last night I noted that my next session would be available the next morning without specifying the time. I figured it would be available any time after midnight. So I set my alarm for 430 AM got all my stuff ready to go and when it was time to start I find out the session is only available after [11AM]
I was a little more than irritated. Why are there limits like this? And why can’t the time the sessions are available be known more on advance.
Also, for this particular week I have four sessions to complete but I can only start them as of [11AM] on a Tuesday. Tough to get those in, espcially when figuring in recovery time.
I hope that improvements can be made for what seems like a pointlessly irritating situation
Thanks for your help