Training plan deadline

(Fabien Lorigeon) #1

The deadline for workouts are different between companion and zwift app (ios).
Also sometimes the companion app tell a workout is available while the zwift app show another one. For example today companion gives me the purple unicorn available but zwift show the pedaling drill. This is on the build me up training plan.
Also it is unclear how the deadline is set. Today (Monday) i have got the pedaling drill available but has to be done by monday evening. Does it mean this evening or next week?
Thanks for your help

(🍺B G ) #2

Hey Fabien!

You should be able to safely follow what the main Zwift app tells you to do.

Additionally, be sure to keep your main Zwift app and your Zwift Companion app up to date, as this issue will be fixed automatically from our side.

Ride On!