What does 'do by do evening' mean?

I am new to Zwift and started with the FTP Builder trainingplan.

Why does it say in the trainingplan for every training i need still need to do: ‘Do by do Evening’? What does it mean?

And is there a way to indicate what days i can train amd which one not? Seems such a simple functionality.

Neither of the things you’re asking are really bugs, but I’ll try and answer anyway:

Zwift has an FAQ on training plans but doesn’t cover your first question unfortunately

I don’t currently use a Zwift training plan, but I believe that “by evening” means before 7pm. I think that the companion app is (or used to be, on iOS at least) “dynamic” in that initially its vague (e.g. “due by date X”), then on the day as the due date/time for the workout approaches the actual time completion is required gets more precise - i.e. if you checked at 6pm I think it would show “completion due by 7pm” by then.

Its not great, and seems a bit weird/arbitrary to have cutoffs for times like this but Zwift is Zwift. Even if you miss the cutoff, the workout does still stay available in any case, and counts towards your “compliance” as far as i can remember, so I wouldn’t worry too much about getting it done by a given time as long as you do get it done that day.

Your second question is covered (kind of) it two different questions in the FAQ:

Q: Why do training plans often start on Mondays?
A: Our plans have been designed to complement the training trends of a typical Zwifter
Q: Why can’t I customize my training plan?
A: While we do allow some flexibility within our plans… our plans are designed to accomplish a specific fitness goal. In the future, we’re considering incorporating more customization into our training plans, but want to make sure we get it right and don’t compromise the integrity of the overall plan.

Essentially, they’re trying to say that they are building in the “correct”/set periods of rest, but its more likely just more work for them and so they haven’t got round to doing it yet. That’s more a request you want to make in the “feature request” forum and not here - its not a bug, that’s just how it works currently.

Hi, thanks for reply. The message ‘do by do evening’ does not change during the day. It looks fixed.

Anyone else idea?