Workout Deadlines

If a workout on my training plans says I need to complete it by “Monday morning” What time is that? is there a spot you can see what the actual deadline time is? I have missed workouts because I thought I could do them in the morning but they were unavailable when I woke up.

Jed, Zwift has FAQ on this

and it sounds like “morning” might mean 3 AM local time!

Here are my thoughts on this:

  1. There is no bonus of a significant value at the end of a training program for completing every workout. I completed a 4 weeks (or was it 8 weeks?) FTP program and got a pair of socks as bonus at the end. So, missing a workout is not the end of the world.
  2. You can do any workout by just picking it from the Zwift’s list, including the workout from a training program which you just missed. I think you can do it also when you are on a workout plan. Of course it will not count against your training plan completion completeness if you do it this way after the expiration of the deadline, but you can still do it. You are doing it for yourself and yourself only. Who cares what Zwift counts.

For this reason, I would not bother too much about expiration time. Zwift is trying to motivate you by setting deadlines.