Workout expired prematurely

My workout plan had two workouts left on Sunday. After doing one of these the other became unavailable and said it would be available on Monday night, Then on Monday it said instead that it had expired. Can I get this workout restored?

Hi @Eric_Peterson_rando, training plans weekly workouts start on Monday and end on Sunday, there is also an 8 hour blackout period between workouts. Depending on which plan you are doing, the individual workouts may be available in the large list of workouts outside of the plan.

So when they say due by Monday, they really mean you have until the end of Sunday to complete before the next week starts and any undone workouts are expired.

Hi Zwift,

Thanks for getting back to me.

Well what you described is what I was expecting.
But after doing the first of two remaining workouts on Sunday, the Zwift Companion told me clearly that this last workout was not available until Monday night.

So there is a bug in your system somewhere that caused this.
It’s not a big deal but annoying since I wanted a 100% completion on the training plan.

I understand that “complete by Monday” means you have until the end of Sunday, but as I said in this case the Companion clearly told me it was not available until Monday night. I was surprised to see this but trusted it. I was wrong.

Eric Peterson