Zwift Training Plan - Workouts Available and Expiring Same Day

I have what I believe is a weird bug with my Zwift Training Plan. I started doing the Intermediate Build Me Up but I’ve reached a stage where two workouts become available and expire on the same day!

I’d post some screenshots but it appears that I’m not allowed to :roll_eyes:

Anyone got any idea what’s going on here? It makes it totally achievable…

Cheers, Tim

What day of the week did you start the training plan, was it on a Monday?

No, it was a Saturday. I did the Build Me Up Prep - Sneaky on the 19-Sept-2020 at 7:32AM and then the first ride of Week 1 was on Tuesday 22 at 6:47AM.

The app definitely has timezone issues in that it has two workouts available to be done by Monday morning but it’s now Monday afternoon here.