Training Plan: Build Me Up - All(!) workouts „due until next Friday“

Hi dear Zwifters,

during the last two weeks I began with the training plan “Build Me Up” twice. I started first on a Sunday I think and cancelled the plan after two or three workouts, because I thought something must be wrong: all(!) following workouts were “due until saturday”.

Then I signed the same plan again last Saturday. Now all workouts were due until next Friday evening (also week two, three, and so on…). Well then I thought, maybe I should finish the first week, respectively the workload of the first week. I skipped the first workouts (marked them as completed as i already finished them during the first/cancelled plan) and just today already finished the last workout of week one (“Zone Benchmarking”). So next will be week two and the first workout from week two would be “Orange Unicorn”.

But now still - “Orange Unicorn” and every(!) following workout, from week two to week twelve, is “due to next Friday (evening)” (according both, to Zwift App and Zwift Companion App).

Am I getting something wrong here or is this a bug? I don’t want to start over again.

I use Zwift App on iPad/iPadOS 16.1 and Wahoo Kickr Core as my smart trainer.

Thank you very much.


I have the same thing (although different plan). I think this is only a “display” bug, but I am not sure.