Build Me Up training plan - Android app playing up

(. #darth.rider..) #1

I started using the Build Me Up workout and when I got up to “What goes up, must come down” in Week 2, it showed as UNAVAILABLE and the next workout was made available.

All good and I progressed through subsequent workouts, but now on the Andriod App  under Training Plan, its seems to be stuck on Halvfems and Orange Unicorn which I think were originally the next plans after “whats up must …” despite me being a couple of workouts ahead of those.

They also both show as being available in  8 hours and 18 hours respectively despite being completed (the hours are reducing and am sure they will show as available as time ticks on.

All a bit odd and suspect this wont be correct until I move onto the next week’s plan of maybe only after the complete Training Plan is complete.

Anything I can do to fix this up?




(David K) #2

As of right now, we don’t have any workarounds to supply, but we do have an update that should be releasing within the next week that works to correct a few issues we’ve been noticing concerning the new Workout Plans; scheduling and issues between Zwift and Zwift Companion mainly, but I’d suspect your concerns could be taken care of too. If you’re still noticing inconsistencies after the update, please keep in touch!

(. #darth.rider..) #3

Thanks - saw an update today so will keep an eye out.



(. #darth.rider..) #4

Confirming that its not fixed and I have a support ticket open covering. Cheers