Bogus training plan information on Zwift Companion

(Jim Mattson) #1

 I just finished week two of Build Me Up.  According to the Zwift app (PC and iOS), my next workout is Novanta, which is available in 3 days. However, according to the Zwift Companion (iOS), my next two workouts are Halvfems (available in 8 hours) and Orange Unicorn (available in 18 hours). 

Both of the iOS apps are up-to-date. 

(. #darth.rider..) #2

I have a similar problem and have logged a bug/support ticket. I thought it related to the “What goes up, must come down” workout not being available for me.   I use Android.

My Companion App also says that Novanta and Yellow Unicorn are next and available in xx hours.  I completed Yellow Unicorn 12 hours ago.

This weirdness only happened for me after the “What goes up…” workout became unavailable to complete so I’m thinking fairly sure its related.

(Vincent W.) #3

Thanks for writing in! These bugs seem to be local to the Companion app, and they should be ironed out by the next update. No exact ETA but hopefully it will be released much sooner than later. If you’re unable to complete a workout or training plan due to a bug, send a support ticket. We’ll help you out as soon as possible. :)