Time enforced between workouts in the Training Plan

Hi There
I know there are posts in the archive on this subject which I have read with interest. Some posts mention a 24 ‘stand down’ between workouts in the training plan and some post mention a 20 hr stand down when the workouts are scheduled on consecutive days.
I am a new user of Zwift and really enjoying the experience. I was keen to enrol in a structured program and selected the 6 week beginner FTP builder. I thought I would just let you know my experience over the first couple of days.

  1. Start the program on a Monday doing the Day 1 Foundation workout, finishing shortly after 6pm
  2. On completion of Day 1, Day 2 (strength) shows as being available on Tuesday evening, Day 3 (foundation) being available Thursday evening (after an enforced rest day). Subsequent Day 4 available on Friday evening. I don’t have a problem with the rest day as part of the training plan, but like others have mentioned it would be nice to have an over-ride
  3. Tuesday evening I get things up and running about 5.30pm, only to find that Day 2 won’t be available until 7pm…
  4. Can’t wait until 7pm to start, so followed advice I found in the archive posts and did the Day 2 strength workout through the ‘Workout’ option rather than the training plan.
  5. Finished Day 2 workout before 7.15pm on the Tuesday and I see that my training plan has recognised that my Day 2 has been completed outside of the plan (pretty clever as I was expecting to have to mark it as ‘done’)
  6. But… I now find that the availability of Day 3 workout in my training plan has moved from Thursday evening to a Friday morning, with Day 4 now only being available on Saturday morning.

I just can’t understand the logic of moving the subsequent days forward by a day, even though I have completed the planned workout on the same day as the training plan had it scheduled?