"Do by" message in completed Training Plans workouts [February 2024]

I started a workout plan this week. and have completed a couple of the introductory workouts - I can see them on my activity feed when I login to zwift on a pc.

I’ve just fired up zwift to do the next workout, but the two I’ve completed just say ‘Available workout, do by next Sunday.’. If is scroll to the end of the workout (8 weeks) it’s the same message on all of them?

Is this a known bug?

(I completed this workout on monday)


Hi @Nick_Mumby thanks for uploading those screenshots! I’d like you to know that Training Plans can be completed in any order. Therefore the “Do by” message reflects the final date of the current week

I am doing the “Back to Fitness” program. One week in, all the remaining workouts are labeled “do by next Wednesday”. this seems a bit overwhelming since I thought it ment to span 12 weeks. Either the program is very compressed - and the bug is that it is described as a slow getting back to shape program, or the bug is that the timing of the workouts are totally off and that it is displaying the wrong last day to do the workouts. I guess the later one is the case.

Hi @Stefan_Kinell I’m glad to see you doing the Back to Fitness training plan. I can imagine how crucial it is for you to know if the timing of the workouts is correct and I appreciate the time you took to post this inquiry.

It’s worth mentioning that the Back to Fitness is still a 12-week training plan plus an extra 2 week window in which it can be completed. The “Do by next Wednesday” message reflects the end of each training week. For more information about Training Plans, you can take a look at our FAQ.

Thanks for your comment Gerald, and I notice that my bug report was merged with another similar report.

Although pardon me for the confusion, but I find myself somewhat befuddled as to whether your response serves as a direct retort to my report. Am I to gather from your words that this peculiar conduct is indeed intentional on your part? You see, in the grand tradition of the English language, when one states that a task is due by next Wednesday, it is conventionally understood to be completed by said deadline. Yet, your software suggests that I ought to complete the entirety of the twelve-week training regimen by the forthcoming Wednesday. I must confess, this does seem rather contrary to the customary understanding of such arrangements, wouldn’t you agree? Please forgive my perplexity, perhaps my understanding has been clouded by an excess of American influence on the nuances of the English tongue, wherein the phrase “do by next Wednesday” does not hold the same temporal urgency as I have been led to believe.

Jokes aside - it is a bug right? If it is by design - I think you have to understand it is interpreted by us user in a way you did not intend. When I enrol in a training program over 12 weeks I hope to be guided when to do the different workouts, which week to do them, and where I am in the process.

@Gerald_C - am I to interpret the lack of response that this topic is no longer considered open from your side? I am guessing you are measured in “responding” to bug reports that are filed, and not actually solving them. Am I right?

Anyhow. As a customer (and as you might have seen a Zwift user from the very beginning where I helped beta test the software as one of the beta users before going live) I care more about actually solving issues than responding with an answer that really is not an answer.

So - I still see this as a a bug.

If this is by design. Then it is a bad design that we users missunderstand. And that you should fix.

I can understand that you might have a lot of other things to do. But then admit so. And say “we understand this is wrong, we hope to fix it someday” instead of pretending all is fine and dandy.

The tag on this topic “wat-607” indicates that a ticket was generated for engineering. This is a good sign, though not a guarantee of the resolution you want.

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Thanks for guiding me @Paul_Southworth . I do not know if I have the decryption key for the tags in the forum. Must write a note to myself to send these forum threads to Bletchley Park from now on, or rely on friendly co-zwifters to help me out.

But I do also look forward to see if the Zwift staff will reply to the report, or if it is closed from their perspective.

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A primer on reading tea leaves might help more than cryptography

I spend too much time on it so don’t be like me

@Gerald_C - your absence really makes me believe there is absolutely no interest from you guys on collecting feedback from us the users? Or do you really not care about bugs on the platform? Small or big.