Structured Training Plans - "Complete by" time

(Steve Norman) #1

What are the “rules” regarding completing sessions on time in the “new” workout progammes? Not for the first time I have come to do my workout on the day I have been told to “complete by” only to find the workout I was planning on doing is unavailable. Does complete by Sunday really mean complete by end of Saturday? Or is there a fixed time it has to be completed by? Or a is the time based on 24 hour increments of when you finished the first session in the Programme? All I know is that this is not working for me at the moment.

(David K) #2

For right now, complete Sunday does mean complete by the end of Saturday, but we have an update rolling out in just a few days that should fix the concern and get the scheduling corrected. I’m sorry about any inconvenience the issue has caused.

(Steve Norman) #3

Thanks for the clarification - I suspected that was what was going on.  I will look forward to the update rolling out and the application (hopefully) giving some real clarity on what is expected to stay on programme.

(Andrew Short) #4

I too am finding these new flexible training plans incredibly frustrating.

I just signed up for another - the TT Tune UP plan. It’s Saturday morning here in Australia. The first three workouts say “finish by Sunday Night”. Does that mean I complete three workouts in the next 36-40hours? Or, does it mean I choose two to do: one today (Saturday) and one tomorrow (Sunday)?? Which one do I leave out???

The original plans, under the “Workout” tab were brilliant. I’ve been using them all year. I’ve gone back to them due to the frustration of the new flexible plans (If I miss a day, I can still do it and get back on track). However, the days (within each week) are, now, always out of order!!! E.g. 12 Week Winter Plan (advanced), Week 3: (1) Active Recovery, (2) Cadence into Over Under, (3) Day 4 - Rest??? (4) Day 7 - Rest??? (5) Endurance, (6) Endurance with max sprints (7) High Cadence to standing.

When looking at the same plan on Zwift workouts, the workouts for each day are completely different! 

Here’s, what I would love:

  1. Put the new flexible training plans into the workout tab.

  2. Make the set plans consistent with the Zwift Workouts page (that way I can view the plan without having to log in to the game). 

  3. Let me select a plan (e.g. TT Tune Up) and complete it when I choose/can (I always complete every workout across a plan, i.e. 10-12 week FTP, doing everything possible to complete each day within a weekly schedule).

  4. The result would be a brilliant “flexible” training plan!


(Joan PB 66) #5

Dear all,


Wholly agree with Andrew and suffered the same surprises as Steve has/had. I love the training plans and for sure is a really terrific addition to what Zwift offer us, but flexibility is needed, meaning, A) being able to complete “linearly” the workouts as -this is real life- we do some work (bike) outdoors or supplement the proposed training schedule with our own sessions, so, being able to postpone a workout is a must. B) Moreover,  “five sessions” weeks are not necessarily seven days long, they can be updated, for instance, to “nine days” weeks (microcycles), please, see Joe Friel, Fast over 50:…" book. Not to say, I’m 66 and summing up: ;)   C), Flexible recovery days are mandatory, so rushing over the sessions is not necessarily the best option.

Last, it is really disappointing when Zwift crashes after a hard workout!!! This has happened to me today for the first time, but a bit disappointing, take care, please.

Thanks for a terrific good job at Zwift!