Training plan time zone?

I signed up for the crit crusher program. I had one ride left for the week. It said complete by Sunday. Went to do it Sunday and it said expired! WTH?! Is it maybe since I’m in EST time zone and most of zwift is GMT I missed it?

I think Zwift aligns with your time zone. If your workout expired, you can either simply skip it (there is no bonus for completing every workout in a plan, and no penalty for missing one or two), or you can look up the workout which expired in the list of workouts in Zwift (listed under the plan which you are on) and check if you can do it as a single workout. I strongly suspect that you can do it. It will not count against your plan, but who cares. You do it for yourself.

I think the problem is that the phrasing they use is vague and open to interpretation. It would be better if they said specifically the date and local time the WO expires.

It always does align with the time zone for group rides and stuff like that. Also when a ride is finished it posts the correct time. But for this the ride “expired” at like 2am Sunday morning? Sort of an odd time. Makes me think it wasn’t synced with EST. No biggie.