Training times

Hello all,

I started a trainingplan in Zwift. However, the schedule remains te same. All workouts are scheduled on Friday evening and Friday night. See attached image. Can this be changed?

Thanks in advance.

This is not a bug, this is how they want it to work - its “do by”, not “do on”, i.e. you can do it any time during that week. They have an FAQ on this: Training Plan FAQ

Its intentional that you cannot customise the plan to set more specific times at the moment:

Why can’t I customize my training plan?

A: While we do allow some flexibility within our plans, the individual workouts can’t be modified—as our plans are designed to accomplish a specific fitness goal. In the future, we’re considering incorporating more customization into our training plans, but want to make sure we get it right and don’t compromise the integrity of the overall plan.

If you want to see it changed, maybe make a post in the Feature Requests forum, or see if one exists already and vote for it, but this is not a bug

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