Missing training plan progress, drops and unlocks


I’ve been trying to contact Zwift direct about an issue but to no avail (even the phone number isn’t answered). Hopefully the good people of this forum will be better able to help me :slight_smile:.

I logged into Zwift today to find that all my training plan progress was missing (every workout I’ve done shows as expired), I was missing about 120k drops and the helmet I unlocked by summiting Alpe du Zwift was missing. The rides are still showing in my activities and the helmet is visible in the screenshot from my most recent ride, but I can no longer access them.

This seems to have happened after an update to Zwift on my iPad yesterday. I normally use my laptop but wanted to change the colour of my bike (another issue for another day - can’t get the SL7 to the original red). I’ve logged out of everything (including the companion app on my iPhone) but doesn’t seem to have worked.

Is anyone else having this issue / does anyone know how to resolve it? I don’t want to start riding again in case I permanently wipe out my previous progress.


This sometimes happens if you are logged into multiple devices at the same time.

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Is there a solution or is this just a “known issue” that zwift seem to think is acceptable?

Similar issue here.

Typically, I use Zwift on my laptop, but today I was using an iPad. After I finished the workout I got the message “can’t log in” or something, I restarted the app, and the workout was uploaded to Strava, and now I can see it on Zwift, but it was not marked as completed in my training plan, and the drops I earned during it are missing from the total drops balance.