Missing drops and Parlee Jersy and Badges

Today in the morning I hade 306K of drops and I hade 36KM left of the Parlee 250KM mission. I zwifted in the morning around 41.1KM on London map and finished the Parlee Mission. I received 100K drops and a super nice Jersey.

I changed the Jersy and did another 2 zwift sessions and finished with around 460K of drops.

5 hours later when I log in to the Zwift app I can see the session I did in the morning but I am back to 306K of drops, my Jersey is gone, my badges for the 3 routes are gone and it says I have not finished the Parlee Mission.

The only thing that is still there is my total KM, so the 3 rides I have done are saved and I can see them but I am missing the drops and the Jersey I earned.

Anyone with a similar problem? Any suggestions on how to solve this?

Ps I have uninstalled the Application and reinstalled it, still, it does not work, and all my efforts have been uploaded to strava Ds

I have had the same problem and I also road the Alp du Zwift and not seen any points/unlocks for that ride. The activities do show on my profile but are not added to my drops or shop.

Only suggested solution I could find was that the version of the app was old but I have checked and all versions of the app (PC / IOS / Android) are the latest version.

I have logged this issue with support but they seem a bit overwhelmed at the moment

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Similar problem with my ride. All the drops from today’s ride are gone and route badge missing from achievements (six train) :pensive:

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I have the same problem. Just completed Alpe du Zwift for the first time. Earned a bunch of drops, the achievement for Tour of Ice and Fire and the KOM Gloves. When I finished the ride, the gloves and the achievement were gone and I had less drops than when I started.

I started a help/tech support ticket. Hopefully I hear back and this can be fixed.

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I should add that I’m running this on Apple TV and using the companion app on iOS - everything is up to date software (lastest Zwift Apps and OS installed and runnign).

Même soucis…zwift ne m’enregistre pas mes entraînements, je les retrouve comme "activités " dans zc et ils sont comptabilisés dans zp mais je suis obligé de cocher “i did it” pour pouvoir continuer mon entraînement (build me up).
Par avance, merci.

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Same issue here… Everything has been recorded, except my drops.

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Did you ever get these drops back? I have just had the same issue riding the alpe…

Nope, still no response from Zwift customer support over a month later…

I’m thinking of discontinuing my subscription at the next billing cycle. The whole purpose of Zwift is to game-ify indoor cycling, but it’s pointless if you don’t get the points you earn.

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@Michael_Hanan make sure you are force closing Zwift on the Apple TV after each use and regularly power cycle the device, this helps stop a lot of buggy behavior. Also make sure you aren’t logging in on multiple devices, if you use a phone once in a while for example, make sure to force close it.

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No the support will not give back the lost drops. No big deal on my side, just a bit annoying to deal with zwift bugs or imperfect implementation (bluetooth, network, multiple devices…).
I hope it will get better and we see some great updates in the coming months