Zwift Companion Release: August 1 (2.4.0 iOS, Android)

(Vincent W.) #1

Hi Zwifters! We released the new Zwift Companion app (ZC) 2.4.0 for iOS and Android.

Here’s the official release notes:

Workout Graphs and Details

  • You can now see a detailed view and graph of a workout, complete with watt or speed targets which match your personal FTP or Paces.
  • Workout graphs are now visible for Group Workout events. Tap on the graph to see the full workout details.
  • Tapping on a Training Plan workout will now show the workout details.
    • If you’re not yet seeing Training Plan details, you must log into the newest version of Zwift and interact with your profile or complete a Training Plan workout.
    • Please note: Workout Details for Android users on the “Build Me Up” training plan is disabled until an upcoming 2.4.1 release. Thank you for your patience.

Zwift Academy Support

  • Zwift Academy starts August 6th! Enroll at
  • Eligible Zwift Academy events now have an appropriate ZA logo.
  • Activities completed for Zwift Academy will now be tagged with the Zwift Academy logo.

Additional Updates and fixes

  • Innsbruck Support.
  • Added Group Workout filter option for running events.
  • Training Plan UI refresh.
  • Training Plan workouts that were already completed are now removed from the home screen.
  • (iOS) Fixed missing units for running events.

You can download the app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Ride On!

(Vincent W.) #2