Ability to create favourite workout list to reach it faster without cruising whole menu

it would be nice to have an additional bar on a left in the menu with abbility to add favourite workout and start it faster without searching in menu.

Hi @Daniel_Blaskevicc , welcome to the foums.

FYI, the Zwift team had a thread open for a bit recently asking for recommendations about what we’d like to see change with workout menus etc and a common request is favourites (be that custom or otherwise).

No idea what feedback will be taken onboard nor when they will deliver something as Zwift rarely give that info out but have a read through this thread to see the discussion:

Hey @Charlie_CC - are you able to give any hints as to what may be coming one day?

@Daniel_Blaskevicc thanks for the feedback on favorites. The team is currently looking at the timeline and implementation. @Dean is correct that we won’t be able to give exact dates of when this will be available to the community, BUT we do appreciate any input about the overall workout experience.