“For You” recommendations [June 2023]

My For You section just had text that said “You really need to lose weight, my friend”.

Is this normal behavior? /s

Saw it yesterday - hooray!

Here’s my screen.

Minor feedback:

  • Workouts: I never do structured workouts so you could delete those.
  • I’d like the Robo Pacer options to include their longer route options - Miguel in Wandering Flats not Flat Route, and Bernie in Watopia’s Waistband, not Sprinter’s Playground. (My rides trend longer than the average Zwift ride at 90-120min so the short Pacer rides aren’t as relevant)
  • I liked the free ride card but… why Innsbruck 2018 UCI Worlds Short Lap? It’s probably not one I’d choose to do randomly (487m of climbing? That’s half an AdZ…)
  • Big ask: option to tag a card as “less of this/not interested” and maybe a “more of this”. This would also necessitate a “reset prefs” function in the settings if/when things go really borked.

Adding some nuance: it’s summer here, and I haven’t been on Zwift in a while so I suspect it’s scraping a very limited data-set for me. I’ll edit this response if I see changes to my “For You” as I ride more.

Kudos for adding this, regardless! Looking forward to seeing what the algo serves me. :slight_smile:

My suggestions ‘for you’ are likewise terrible, not even close to what I want or regularly do.

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I think there is some confusion here about two different topics: one is favouriting something and the other one is getting recommendations of activities.

From the fitness standpoint, when we recommend activities either workouts, Robo pacer rides, etc. they should be something that is somewhat challenging for the user. Keep recommending the same things or from the same level seems a bit pointless from the fitness progression standpoint.

However the suggestion you made of marking something as “less of this or more of this”, makes total sense and perhaps something we need to consider for the future is to include a “Favourites” carousel where it shows favourite workouts, robo pacers, etc.


Around 70% of all my Zwift rides are „custom workouts“ which I pick from my own personal training plan.
I would like to see the „custom workout panel“ in the „for you“ row. Recommending a specific workout is not useful for me.

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I seem to be getting the day’s TP running workout shown in my For You, but not the cycling workout, which is the one I am always looking for.
Will this change as Zwift ‘learns’ what I use most?

Hi @Jack_Lee5 ,

This sounds like a potential bug, so I’ve opened a Support ticket and reached out to you directly via email so we can do some troubleshooting.

The For You carousel should only appear on the home screen when cycling is the selected sport, so the running workout may be syncing to the wrong place and the cycling workout may not be syncing at all. Some screenshots from your Zwift home screen and TrainingPeaks calendar will help narrow down the issue. If a bug is occurring, I should be able to recreate it and forward this to the developers for a fix.

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