Scotland Map Release [2023]

It’s Time!!!

The newest map on Zwift, Scotland, is here and ready for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships. The Scotland was inspired by rural Scottish beauty and the city of Glasgow and was built with races in mind and is designed for a variety of racing types

The Scotland map is an event-only map but will be a host to many exciting events, including:

  • Tour de Zwift Stage 8
  • Ride Scotland - Group rides and led rides on each of the routes in Scotland
  • Ride Scotland Fondo - Longer group rides led by Community Event Leaders
  • Run Scotland - Group runs on each of the Scotland routes
  • ZRacing Monthly Series
  • Zwift TT Club events
  • Zwift Insider’s Tiny Races on the Scotland routes!

We are aware of a bug that results in avatars taking improper turns in events when late join is turned on. In order to ensure the best experience for those taking part in Ride Scotland events, we have adjusted the remaining events to no longer offer late join. If you have already signed up for an upcoming event, no action is required on your part.

You can check out the scheduled events taking place on Scotland here.

In addition to being the used for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, there will also be new routes with new badge unlocks (cycling only), all with different benefits:

  • Rolling Highlands - Designed to hone your punchy power and deliver short, animated races
  • City and the Sgurr - Ideal for hill repeats to prep for short and sharp or long and attritional races
  • Glasgow Crit Circuit - Perfect for practicing your attacks for your next crit race
  • Loch Loop - Best for testing your TT skills
  • The Muckle Yin - Great for all around race training

To learn more about the routes, click here.

We hope you’re as excited as we are. See you in Scotland!

Ride on.

UPDATE: Scotland will be available in events created by our community event organizers starting March 5. Look on the public Events Calendar for more chances to ride or run in a race / group event.

Scotland will made available for free rides, Clubs and Meetups mid-March!


Forever? Or just temporarily?


It’d be good if the page honoured a preference for reduced motion/fewer animations (via prefers-reduced-motion for example)

That image at the top is quite distracting.

The various buttons on the page don’t really seem to do anything.

e.g. “Join Events” just opens the same page in a new tab (Chrome latest), same with “Learn the routes” and “How to watch”.

In the “Races” and “Group events” sections, none of the “Schedule your event” links are active, and not all pf the cards gain the <span class="accessibility-info">Opens a new window</span> element. Even when that is present, the text can’t be read as it’s cut off by the edge of the card:



Just temporary. They should be available more generally March onwards.

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I agree, felt the webpages were wanting to give me more information but didn’t.
Probably know enough to realise the events have not been scheduled yet but the current information, not fully operational, suggesting more information is available is confusing.

That’s what I’d thought (and read elsewhere) before I saw Amanda’s post. The wording used here seems definitive.

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Not forever. Plan is to make Scotland available for free rides and runs this spring.


You know the drill guys. Don’t go to Zwift, go to a community page: Events


The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App ← ride stage 8
The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App ← run stage 8
The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App ← long rides (lunacy)
The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App ← shorter rides (sensible)
The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App ← running events
The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App ← greatest tt series on Zwift

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Thanks for confirming!

Only 25km for a Fondo? Seems so short!

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I haven’t updated them yet - they’re going to be 50-161km with a volunteer ride leader.


Woohoo! Great way to get the February Mission completed too.

Im wondering, tgat after i do rhe stage 8 event on Scotland map, do you stay there after crossing the line, or do zwift transport you back to Watopia. Would be nice to do a continue ride around after finishing .:grin:

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Assuming it is the same as any other world, you will be given the chance to stay and free ride.

Ooh, good point! This will be a sneaky way for us to explore the rest of the world, outside of sanctioned events, for the time being.

I intend riding all of the roads after doing the TdZ stage.

I really hate this trend of super tiny worlds with extremely limited routes and wasting everyone’s time with non asphalt surfaces.

Is it really that hard to make worlds that aren’t microscopic mostly flat with minimal inclines and freaking have more than 5 routes?


I don’t hate it. The world is very pretty, but it is very small. I’d happily take another 50k of gravel in an existing world with a long climb. The road surface doesn’t matter at all.

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Why does Zwift like to rotate the maps 90* compared to what gets uploaded to Strava?
North is north.
It’s always been north.
Let’s keep it that way.