So maybe I’m a bit off here, but the new map looks nothing like Scotland. In fact, the map you use isn’t even on the mainland? Why aren’t you modeling after real roads and landmarks? I see things that look like they belong in Lord of the Rings. Same with New York. Richmond looks great so I guess just not sure why this is difficult.

We decided to model the map on a Scotland theme rather than a replica (just like France).


The ground-level roads are faithful replicas of those in Central Park, I understand (I’ve never ridden there IRL). Just that Zwift went for a futuristic theme and added the transparent roads, flying taxis, etc.

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I use, like many others for the workouts obviously. When developers say Scotland, I expect it to look like Scotland, not a Scotland themed version. I see goofy spinning stones and and various other juvenile video game inserts. Seriously, just call it something else if it isn’t what it is advertised to be.

I thought that it looked very much like Scotland. I wasn’t expecting a photo-realistic experience. Neither was I expecting a real-life route. The intention was to create a few routes that would give some good racing and overlay these with a feel for Scotland. I think it has worked very well.

The Rolling Highlands route feels very “natural” with the right amount and degree of elevation change. The Sgurr feels like a good wee climb and Glasgow has the right combination of a grid street system and sharp hills.

I assume the standing stone with the glowing blue hole is a shout-out to Outlander?


@David_Hewes_Bike_Doc Maybe it’s the era of Merlin :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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Sounds like you might need to move to Rouvy or FulGaz.


Rolling Highlands scenery seemed unique to other worlds so far, a few short low-end kickers, with lots of tiny positive and negative gradient… At the end of one lap with lead-in, it felt like I had done a lot more descending than climbing.

You can’t please everyone all the time, as the saying goes. Zwift is a video game training platform. Expect video game things, like bears falling out of trees, an inflatable Nessie and dinosaurs. It’s fun. The Scotland map is compact but offers a variety of different things (visually and on the “road”). It was never advertised as an exact replica of Scotland or Glasgow like the other UCI championship courses. In fact, Zwift was very clear it was the first UCI e-sport championship course that wouldn’t be.


why would anyone want it to look like the real scotland. have you been there?


I think the designers have done a very good job. The polar lights, the fog and the views are well done. Many details are really very atmospheric. :ox:


I agree with you as well, nice job Zwift designers. :+1:

That said I’d be super happy with some extra real mountains in Watopia linking to ADZ - particularly those in real life nearby Alpe d’huez.

Why are video game elements ‘juvenile’? Why is realism more ‘adult’?


Because juveniles play games and adults, well, …nevermind.