Scotland bugs

From day 1 in Scotland and still to this day, Scotland has a couple of very obvious bugs.

Nearby riders are shown in the side panel regardless of their direction of travel. Somewhat disconcertingly, I’ve seen this brought up by others in these forums only to be told “It happens in other maps, no more, no less” and the topic is then closed. Firstly, no, it doesn’t happen to this extent in other maps. I’ve ridden all the maps many times and I’ve NEVER noticed it happening. Not to say it never has, but I’ve never noticed it elsewhere. Secondly, even if it did happen in other maps, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen pretty much 100% of the time in Scotland and needs fixing. I know it’s already been noted but there seems to be a very obvious and deliberate ‘playing down’ of this particular bug by other forum members for reasons I can’t understand.

The second one is that Zwift leads you through roundabouts the wrong way, as though you were riding on the right side of the road. This doesn’t happen in other ‘left hand’ maps.

We have an open issue on the riders nearby side of things.

Regarding roundabouts that’s a fair comment and as you say, has been the same since day one. I think it’s more to do with the quickest route rather than following the laws of the road.

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Not a bug, and it could be worse! Surely you’ve seen IRL bike races where the peloton splits and goes round both sides of the roundabout?

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It also depends on your direction of travel as you go round them on the left in places.

I agree, Paul; I’ve been variously told by different Zwift staff on here that it’s a feature, a minor bug that they’re not treating as priority, or a bug that they’re actively investigating and working on fixing.

I’m glad to find someone else on here who finds it as annoying a bug as I do, and agrees that it manifests more severely on the Scotland map than any other. I get that some may not find it as irritating as we do, but for me it’s severe enough that I won’t use that map.

Can’t help on the roundabout thing though; I just rationalise it as it being closed roads and hope I remember that the ones in real life aren’t.:crazy_face:

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Nobody hasn’t said it’s not a bug and it’s been acknowledged as such.

It’s also acknowledged that it’s not a priority and rightly so when there are currently bigger issues to resolve.

I really can’t see how it can affect your training that much.

But then we’re going over old ground.

David, it’s a bug. And yes, I have managed to see a bike race or two thanks. My point is that it is inconsistent with other left hand ride maps which follow the flow of traffic whether you think that is desirable or not.

It is not a bug if it is so by design.

Hi Stuart, I never said anyone had denied it was a bug. As to the level of priority of the bug, that is for the Zwift team to decide on, but one thing is certain, the more they hear about something, the more priority it will potentially gain. It seems to me that some people are actively trying to downplay the feedback of others. The level of annoyance with this bug may be insignificant to you compared to others, but to me, this is the one that most annoys me currently, to the point where I posted about it. I respect your right to your opinion and you have given it, I only ask that you respect mine in return. As for how it affects my training? That’s not really for you to judge is it? Lastly, I agree, you are going over old ground.


Hi Gerrie, it is a bug if it clearly inconsistent with the behaviour in all other maps.

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It may be inconsistent with other maps but they did it that way for a good reason.

Do you mind telling us which good reason is that? I have read many posts about this and never found an explanation.

Edit: to be clear, I’m asking about the nearby list issue, not the roundabout one.

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Someone will have to explain that reason.
I see no logical reason to show riders going the opposite way in the rider nearby list. The way I understand the rider nearby list, it is to show how much of a time gap riders have on you, or the gap you have on other riders. Someone who is riding the opposite direction should have no place on that list, as they are irrelevant with respect to those time gaps.


My original reply was for Alex who having had a thread closed down because of his posts has now tried to peddle his version of events here.

It’s accepted as a bug and has been given a priority rating of low.
Given the same issue appears elsewhere and has for years i doubt it’ll get much attention.

My question over how it affects training was not an attempt to rile you, I’m just reflecting on my use of Zwift in that the nearby riders list is of no use.

If I’m doing a workout it’s irrelevant.
If I’m racing it only shows those in the race so the bug isn’t present.


We are taking about the direction around the circle.

So all races, routings, directions around roundabouts, side of the street, etc, no matter the country, continent or planet, in real life, do the same thing and all go the same direction with predictability?
The Oz has spoken :slight_smile:

Stuart, with respect, unless you have sight of my DMs on here, then you can’t possibly know. But you don’t, and I do, and I have been told by a Zwift staffer that the way it works in Scotland is how it’s meant to.

And I’m not asking you to agree with me, just to understand that different things affect different people in different ways. It’s called tolerance and understanding.

The way what work, the roundabouts or the rider nearby direction? these are two different things and it is confusing since one is by design and one will someday be fixed (ie low priority)

So you’re saying that an error in the computer code is causing the avatars to go the “wrong” way round the roundabout?

I think not. In much the same way that it’s not a bug that my avatar doesn’t have a 1500w sprint. :wink:

The riders nearby thing. Which is the only thing I’ve really been talking about on this thread.

And, of course, I see the priority as higher than you. But, ultimately, of course, what matters is how it’s perceived in Zwiftland, so what I’ve been seeking is a clear, consistent position from @shooj and @James_Zwift that this is, indeed, accepted as a bug which needs to be fixed.

Of course there is another even bigger issue now with the riders nearby display in races in that if you get to the front of the pack and your name gets to the top of the list, it stays there, and you can no longer see the details of those in front of you. But I guess that’s a whooooole other thread…