Scotland ZwiftPower Misconfiguration (and another bug)

Two Zwiftpower bugs from the past week:

1st, the Race Scotland Stage 2 length is wrong. ZwiftPower thinks its 1 lap, but its 5. Here’s a link: ZwiftPower - Login

This meant the live tracking was wrong.

Speaking of live tracking, the Live Tracking for Bridges and Boardwalks is wrong. I think the problem is that it doesn’t include the lead-in. I was racing Bridges and Boardwalks last week (ZwiftPower - Login) and the live tracking had us up and over the top of the climb when in fact we were at the bottom just starting the climb.

It’s not a bug as such.

The event is configured as one lap but the categories are configured to 5 laps. Zwiftpower gets confused when the two are different, even though the “event” distance is irrelevant.

This wouldn’t normally happen, but there is an actual issue on the events system preventing me from setting the “event” distance to more than one lap.

Will have a look at Bridges and Boardwalks however it’s worth noting that the live tracking isn’t really that useful as it lags a decent way behind and isn’t really live at all.

The official Zwift Scotland races/events are all the same. Lead-in isn’t there on any of them. Attached screenshot is typical of every Scotland event I’ve done.