Rolling Highlands cannot count laps [May 2024]

Tried to contact support, but support is putting me through an ambassador which isn’t really the direction I’m trying to head.

I just want to put in a support ticket… and get this fixed.

Rolling Highlands doesn’t seem to be able to count laps correctly, and has some sort of weird counting error that occurs on the overlapping bridge section.

I have logs from two of us who managed to finish a ride which was supposed to be 5 laps, to conclude somewhere around the 31ish mile mark.

However, starting at lap 2, every lap required 2 laps to complete each lap; so the 3 of us who managed to complete the event (1 somehow managed to do this event in 5 laps somehow???), it took 3 of us 10 laps, and over 50 miles.

As said I have photos of some weird countdowns that reset in a few spots through the lap before restarting; and the logs of 2 riders.

According to the Club Ladder admins, Zwift HQ are aware of a problem with that route, so you can probably save yourself the annoyance of trying to get through to them

So far it’s taken 3 days and I haven’t gotten there yet lol

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Thanks @Andrew_Nuse ! This one is being tracked at HQ for an upcoming fix.