Missing Data on Scotland TT week 1

I’ve entered the ‘Zwift TT Club Scotland week 1’ twice now and on both occasions there is much missing data.
In the starting pit the power meter and heart rate is missing, so hard to wind up to a good start warm up.
Then when riding the event I’ve still not found an indication of how far it is to the end.
Not too bad on the short 3k course but will this data be there on the longer weeks ahead.
… or do I need to click on something to show the data.
(newish to Zwift)

This is pretty normal and just how the TT Module events are set up. It’s always been the case but I understand that it’s a bit of a surprise when you first start!

If you join the Zwift TT Club using the Companion App there’s a bunch of people in there who will happily help you with any of your questions and there’s normally some chatter ahead of each new stage, talking about the race distance etc.

The fact that it doesn’t show how much distance is remaining is not helpful and something our team are going to work on to improve.

On a related note, purely as an observation/curiosity, the processing of the green “live data” to blue “real data” at Zwiftpower for this Scotland week 1 TT is very sporadic for each event so far.

As in it doesn’t happen or takes longer?

As in ~25% of all competitors in each Scotland TT event since Monday have blue power data.

Mine is still green from 1220 Monday, but the Race Scotland event I did at 1710 Monday had been processed to blue data by early Monday evening iirc.

This is concerning, if it’s normal for TT events how does anyone else see where the start is and how far it is to the end to judge their effort.
In the real world I have a Garmin that tells me both these things, surely there should be the same info available on a VR system, like in all the other events I’ve done.

I think I’ve covered this in the club where you have been asking exactly the same question.

It is mainly course knowledge, review of the materials available to you. The distance remaining is something that we will fix.

I’m asking the question there as you suggested I do that
My question now is how do other riders get round this to see how far they have to go?
I do not have time to memorise a 25k course in advance or ride it more that once a week.
Is it a Zwift issue or race organiser issue?

The race organiser is Zwift.

You do not have to memorise the whole route, just know how long it is.

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I’d have to enter another event to have a look at the screen again, so is there a figure to say how far you’ve been from the start ?
(my screen is not very big, I’m new to Zwift, and just trying to find out how it all works. Is there a help line where you can ask questions in an old fashioned voice conversation)

Yep, it shows you distance completed.

We don’t offer telephone support I’m afraid but if you want to talk to me directly over Facebook Messenger or something similar you’re welcome to do so.