Scotland Routes not showing up on iPad

Not sure if this is something known yet, but I can see Scotland has appeared on the world selection but none of the routes are showing so no selectable free rides at least when I login. Never checked my windows PC version earlier when I went for tour of watopia group ride so can’t confirm if the problem is isolated to the iPad version I have which is updated, or if this is cross platform.

Did you make sure to update the Zwift app on your iPad since yesterday’s update ?
Just checked mine and everything is showing up as expected. (Also checked on PC last night: all good.)


Yeah its fine on PC, rode city & the Sgurr, Loch Loop & the crit circuit this morning to finish all 5 of the scottish rides, shame they are all so short

Worked a charm, looks like the update didn’t load so now all updated and working as expected.