Off the MAAP Tour 2022 Scotland missing

I’ve just tried to register for the 2022 Off the MAAP Tour, which takes me to the web login for Zwift.

It says I am unable to complete registration and seems to suggest my profile is incomplete (not true).

When I check on the web page ‘Nationality’ is blank (normally ‘Scotland’) but when I scroll through the list of countries Scotland is missing.

Companion app is still showing as ‘Scotland’.

Does it work if you select UK?

The screen saying that your “profile is not eligible for registration” is an indication that someone at Zwift hasn’t enable registration for a particular tour. I’m getting it too. It will likely be activated in the coming days. This also happened for the Tour of Watopia, if I recall correctly.


Thanks. This is probably my fault :slight_smile:

I’ll flag and should hopefully sort it out quickly if it’s a global issue.

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As for Scotland being on one list of Zwift flags but not another, it seems to be a problem linked to Zwift using two different lookup tables, one for Companion, another for the main site. I remember seeing this around Christmas time 2021 for another Scottish user, and for some other flags. Unresolved as yet.

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Registration for this mission is due to start at 1600 UK (1500 UTC).

Can you try after and let me know if you’re still unable to register?

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Thanks James, great news. Like many in Scotland, I would never register under ‘UK’ :wink:

I’ll try that. But a fix on the ‘Scotland’ thing would be great as well!

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Nope. Definitely not going to bite.


Not fishing, just a simple statement of fact!