Companion Leaderboards showing badges for routes I haven't completed [Mar 2023]

There´s a bug with the route completion icons.
As you can see, I get the green icon for the “Loch Loop” route and the “1/5 Badges” for Scotland displayed.

But that´s wrong. I did the route, but not in a bike ride. I “completed” it in a run, so I don´t have the badge.

Hi @Jurgen_Grusdat t

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Thanks for the report. I’ve split it off to dedicated thread. I took at look in your activity history and agree this might be a bug.

A couple points for confirmation:

  • As you implied, Scotland routes will not unlock a completion badge if you run it, only for rides. That part is expected behavior.
  • I also found that you have not completed any Scotland routes on a bike either, so we’re looking into why you’re seeing 1 route completed. :thinking:

If anyone else is seeing routes being incorrectly marked as Completed in the Companion Leaderboard > Worlds > Routes screen, please weigh in here. Let us know which world & route. A screenshot is very helpful. Thanks all!