This Season on Zwift [August 2022]

This Season on Zwift, we are excited to bring many exciting new and requested features teed up for release over the next few months:

  1. Level 50+
  2. Homescreen update for easier navigation, workout collections and better filtering options.
  3. Clubs update to build the experience you want to be a part of
  4. Racing with improved category enforcement
  5. Makuri Islands map expansion known as Urukazi

To learn more about the features included in This Season on Zwift, check out the main page or refer to the FAQ.

We are also excited to announce the graduation of Pace Partners and our newest Holographic Replay that allows you to ride against yourself.

Stayed tune as the features are released for more details!


The new dirt/gravel roads sound awesome! I just hope they are close to the dirt area in Yumezi so we don’t have to go across a whole map to ride lots of different gravel courses, e.g. riding all the dirt in one ride. Putting it all right together near the Temple area (Kappa Quest, Temple KOM) would be nice.

The PR bots sound bodacious too! Ride on!

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WOW, I’m really smashed. The new features sound awesome. :star_struck:

More levels …woo hoo …waiting already a few years for this ! Ride on :wink:

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Nooooo! I thought I might actually reach the level cap before any new ones came out.

After 7 years on Zwift I’m level 43 - could you postpone this for another couple of years? :rofl:


Great to see that ghost riders are coming! One of the most requested features - Personal Best Bot (the “83” votes are misleading - there were nearly 800 before it got messed up).

Q: Can I ride against other Zwifters’ replay?
A: Not at the moment! For now, you’re only able to ride against your own segment data with hologram.

It’s good to read that this appears to be something planned for the future. \o/


Is that an updated Home Screen of the updated Home Screen that ATV users don’t have?

@manda_F Anything for Zwift Run?

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Still have the old home screen on my windows 10 laptop as of Tuesday night. Guessing it is due to the laptop graphics card. So how does the workout access plus other new menu features affect those still on the old Home Screen? Looking forward to the map extension as a CXer new routes with changing surface resistance factors should make a good ride/workout.

Hey all - I’m going to do some tidying up and am merging a speculative thread started yesterday below this post.

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So zwift insider saying it’s going to be a big September. Rumours of a big release coming up… But what’s coming?

This forum over the years has turned into a help desk for issues in zwift. Let’s get it back to where it used to be with people excited about upcoming feature releases.

What do we think is coming up…

My first guess… personal best bots!


more bugs… something will break

maybe a new route or two in Watopia or Makuri…

maybe they will fix something that was broken in an earlier release if we’re lucky…

perhaps they will bring back the “ride with” function that’s been missing for 9 months.

yeah, I’m not expecting much, but hope to be proved wrong.


That’s the spirit… keep it positive :joy::joy:


Don’t jinx it :woman_facepalming:

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hopefully another new section of makuri! maybe the one that has mt fuji?


Yeah, I’m really hoping they get more climbs in here. :sob:


Yes, I know I’m being negative, but past performance is the greatest predicter of future performance… so… unfortunately that is how I feel

As I said, hope to be proven wrong!


It’s already been released in August…TTT Pen :rofl:

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My guesses (some of them on my wish list, some what I think is likely)

  1. Testing / Futureworks test of new downhill mechanics - the speed of a big group on the downhill is actually a huge problem for Zwift race dynamics that’s completely different from reality. In reality, a solo rider can descend as fast or faster than a big group on any steeper descent that isn’t a perfectly straight line.
  2. Customizable category limits for Category Enforcement
  3. New roads / routes. I don’t know whether to expect a new world or not - it seems like we’ve got a lot, I’d prefer more development of existing worlds. Not a fan of how much harder France and Neokyo are to run than Watopia/Richmond/London though…
  4. Results screen for points races in Zwift / Companion using the configured scoring from ZwiftPower (or giving organizers a way to enter it into Zwift as well, either way)