World Expansion Makuri Islands

Omg So Excited Right Now
What Are your guys‘ thoughts on the New Expansion personally I think it’s amazing and really cool

Not sure I would call this a new world, it is an expansion of Makuri which is what we were told would be the focus after it first premiered a little over a year ago.

10 -12 miles seems kind of underwhelming, but new roads are always great.

I have a feeling if it is mostly dirt, people will hate it however.


I’m looking forward to it because any new roads are welcome. Mike is probably right that users will switch from complaining about the lack of new roads to complaining about the new roads. Personally I don’t understand why people dislike dirt roads, but it’s a fact that many do.

I like taking a day off work and then riding all the new routes in one go.

Looking forward to this :slight_smile:


@James_Zwift, the cycling equivalent of a busman’s holiday… :wink:


I hope there’s some substantial climbs. Stuff like the Temple KOM is awesome, but I need more mountains like the Epic KOM. MOUNTAINS!!! :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :mountain_snow: :grin: Or just some good climbs the size/steepness of the Temple KOM or Epic KOM.
But it’s Zwift. No matter what, it’s awesome.

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For a world supposedly based on Japan, Zwift seems hellbent on making roads that are very un-Japanese.

Less gravel (and sand) roads and more stuff like this please:


So I wonder if these are the “Gravel Mountain” roads that leaked a while back that are “only used for testing purposes”?

I’ve been hoping for a Makuri expansion with real Japanese mountain roads from around the country (not just Hakone and the stuff from Initial D). Wishful thinking, but it could happen :man_shrugging:.

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I was sorta hoping for a Mt Fuji thingy, 10-12 miles of new road doesn’t seem like much of an expansion at first glance (maybe if they put it in km it would sound more impressive? :)), wonder how many new ‘routes’ that represents?

Always happy to have more route badges to complete now that I’ve got 'em all.

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Wonder if they’ve stuck with the MOAR FOLIAGE design concept, which requires an RTX 2070+ to hold 60fps on parts of Yumezi.

I hope 10 to 12 miles doesn’t mean 5 to 6 in each direction

More foliage less FPS :smile:

Agreed Need More Climbs Like That

Yes Definitely Wating For mt Fuji

It’s nothing to do with Gravel Mountain.

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How big is Makuri currently in terms of road lengths? If 10-12 miles being added would increase the amount by 20% say, that would be quite a significant addition, but if it’s only 2% then it’s a minor add-on that isn’t going to make all that much difference.

I think the previous two updates were circa 25km, which gave approx 130km worth of routes (a little bit more once further routes were added).

There’ll be a decent amount of distance in terms of new routes to be used.

I’m still waiting (based on lopped-off limbs visible in both Yumezi and Neokyo) for the Mecha vs Kaiju battle expansion!


I’m still waiting for the arcade mini-game(s). Bike-controlled pinball, anyone?