Record board in hairpins of Alpe du Zwift

Hey Zwift

When I was riding up the Alpe last week, I thought it would be neat to have a “winners board” on every hairpin of AdZ, as it is done in real life too.

I know that you cannot make ALL stage winners there, but how about one board with these 3 (or more) categories?

  1. All time best time (from 1-21)
  2. All time best Everesting (from 1-21)
  3. Last 24h best time (from 1-21)

Place these either on big road signs in the turn, or somehow “burn” them with glowing letters into a feature of the landscape, like the asphalt?

Would make the AdZ climb all the more merrier

Nice idea!!

Then vote for it :slight_smile: Click on the Vote Button on the top left corner :slight_smile:

I would like to have an option that I can see all 21 segments with average power, HR and time and then the option to compare with your friends on Zwift. Yesterday I was checking it on Strava, but you have to click and make an comparison per segment. There’s no real overview

There is a strava segment for the whole alpe , don’t know if this is what you want

I thought you had to win a big race on the Alp to get your name there. Is Emma Pooley on the real Alp or just men? It’s easy to use Strava to identify the best times.

I know there is, and there also individual segments available on Strava. So that gives insight on a particular segment.

The Alpe gives a somewhat different experience when compared to other segments within Zwift. I mean, the moment you start with the Alpe you get a different map, you get insight in your average HR/Power and you see the time you need between each corner. I like this a lot, but it is a disappointment that this data is not available in your companion app for later analysis. During the climb of the Alpe I don’t really have the analytical capabilities to do a lot with the data which is presented, but afterwards I do like to spend some time to analyze on the things that could be better for the next time.

So, I like and support the idea of an Alpe du Zwift leaderboard, which also includes a feature in which you could compare your PR/latest climb with that of a friend. Not only on the total climb, but also turn by turn

I did a climb yesterday with a friend of mine. After the climb I found out that the majority of the deficit that was there between us two (approximately 9 minutes) was made in the 1st half of the climb. That 2nd half of the climb was much closer. Unfortunately it was very difficult to get more additional data from strava like average power and hr, that would make the analysis even more fruitful.

Additionally I would like to see PRs to be available much longer then 30 days. I always would like a certain goal when doing a climb of the Alpe. This could be your personal PR, but this could also be a goal in minutes. If I have a goal to climb the Alpe within 70 minutes I would like to know during the climb if I am going to achieve that goal or not.

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That last one is rather easy… just regularly check your speed display. I know it is not an average, but since most of the Alpe is a fairly similar gradient, this will make you extrapolate. I was recently EXACTLY hitting sub 60 because I rode mainly 12km that is needed for it…

Then again, it is something you need to think about yourself while doing the climb, while Zwift has all the data available to calculate it for you. You also get your estimated finish time with 400 meters to go, so why not provide this finish time based on average power output from the beginning?

True, but especially in the beginning the power is overestimated, and you will most likely fade over the time. So better start strong :rnslight_smile

My suggestion: Get a pöartner or team to help you pace.
I was regularly taking part in the very friendly group ride „TBR MounTRONeering“ on wednesdays. They make sure the group stijicks together and everybody profits from draft. Their regular time up is between 62 and 68 min :slight_smile:

The power might be overestimated the first few minutes but after that it should become quite stable e.g. You will not start with 300 watt average in the first 10 minutes and then finish lower then 250 watt average. If that is the case, you’ve blown up yourself. And then the continuously increasing finish is a learning experience in itself. Great way to pace yourself.

In my case from yesterday I actually had a very stable climb, every segment around 220 watt average which went up slightly in the last few segments.