FTP Post Numbers



Today when I finished a Zwift “Workout” there was a screen that popped up that had all of my statistics (FTP, HR, Cadence, Zones, etc.) It was very useful information; however, now I can’t seem to find that data via zwift post work out.  Does anyone know if that data is saved and how to access it or do you have to view via 3rd party (strava).  I liked how it was formatted, but don’t have time to look closely until I go back. 


Please help!. 


Hi Devin,

These stats will be coming to both the Mobile Link and the MyZwift Dashboard in the near future. In the meantime, using Strava will be your best bet.

Hi Devin - do you mean that after you finished the workout, zwift just returned to the ride screen and didn’t give you the normal workout summary? I had that yesterday - it was very odd. However, my workout today did give me the usual summary, so perhaps there was a temporary system blip?

This is the report I’m referencing.  Is there a way to access this report after the work out has been saved??

I did the FTP Test and it showed my resulting number briefly.  I can’t find that number.  Where is that posted; because, its not on STAVA or GARMIN CONNECT?  


i have the same problem as Tom, I would like to see it again. 

I would want to see this summary again as well. I think it has a great display and I would like to access to it at anytime for review. And the game is processing it already so, it would be great just to store it for seeing it afterwards.

Sao how do we get to see the report… I didn’t ride my legs off to not have the results!!!