Upload to Garmin Connect and Strava

(Hendrik Hirsch) #1

I’m a new Rider here @zwift. After my End of training, i have uploaded the .fit file to Strava and Garmin. So far so good. But both Sites don’t show the correct elevation. And Garmin shows the false Computer. I trained without my Edge 1000, GC shows Garmin FR60.
Sorry for my bad English. thx

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Strava 0’s out elevation because it doesn’t match the real world terrain of an island out in the middle of the Pacific ocean. We’re working with strava on solutions to this.

Garmin shows an FR60 because that’s what we put in for the ID in the ride. If we didn’t pick some legitimate device, some sites won’t trust our fit files - so, we picked the device you see as our ‘pretend’ device.

(Stephen Jackson [X]) #3

I see that you have resolved the elevation issue with Strava - nice - any progress with Garmin?