Garmin integration - elevation data

I tried the new integration with Garmin connect yesterday. Whilst most metrics seemed to transfer across, the only one which didn’t was elevation data. I am not sure where Garmin Connect is getting the elevation data from, but it is not representative of the ride. I went up Box Hill (OK, virtually), but the elevation graph is pretty flat. I would either expect it to be totally straight line (ie, I am on an indoor trainer, so no elevation change) or represent the virtual elevation. But it seems to interpret the real landscape for the virtual GPS track. Is this expected, or is the sending of elevation data to Garmin not correct as it is for Strava?

Garmin is aware of the limitation they currently have on virtual rides and are planning on addressing it soon. 

Zwift to Garmin connect (GC) is making some good progress.  I recently noticed that the time and ride description got added and it is wonderful.


Also the elevation got added BUT… this morning I noticed that after doing the Mountain loop I did 686m of climbing in Strava but  GC show 1,188m of elevation gain.

Thanks for constantly improving.


Same here, seems to be a problem with elevation correction…


Same, and just made a new post. Elevation data is present, but not representative of the Zwift data. I did a 4199 ft climb in Zwift which bloomed into a 6997 ft climb in Garmin Connect.

Is this getting fixed ? Garmin has been dragging this for a long time. No issue at all with the same ride data uploaded to Strava… Let go Garmin.


Same problem here. the elevation data on some rides is all wrong and certainly the profile graph does not correspond to the one from Strava or sporttracks (where I’ve imported the FIT files from zwift). Strange this is a Garmin problem, but hope they will fix it. Will connect to Garmin as well.

I, too, have problems with Garmin and elevation. Inconsistent interpretation of elevation data. I would note that, in my case, elevation data from London and Richmond does at least get read by Garmin. Elevation data from Watovia does not get read, and I need to use to change the device to a Garmin Edge 800. That .fit file is then, at least read by Garmin, and an elevation-an incorrect one-is then added.

Garmin also does not correctly name the ride from any Zwift location. It names the ride “Untitled”, and the correct name has to be copy and pasted from Strava.


I just checked my GC and the elevation match my Strava elevation. 


Awesome Job Zwift. One less thing to copy manually. 

Maybe elevation problem is fixed. I did the Zwift Watopia Volcano Flat 6wk Beginner FTP Builder Week 2 Day 4 - Tempo ride yesterday, and both Strava and Garmin Connect showed 486’ elevation. Same result on GC with or without the fitfiletools and add Garminedge800. The only niggle is that GC did not show any elevation loss. GC does show bot elevation increase and elevation loss for London and Richmond.

GC does not show elevation loss, whether or not fitfiletools is used, so there is still some underlying problem at Garmin. As an aside, Strava does not even attempt to show elevation loss. Truthfully, elevation loss is not all that important statistic, unless one really cares about the start and finish point elevation difference. Like just riding up a mountain and not flying back down.