Automatic Upload to Garmin Connect -- Incorrect Data

A few weeks ago, Zwift announced that we could now sync our rides to Garmin Connect. Great! We’ve been looking for this feature for a long time.

Unfortunately, the data which get imported to Garmin Connect don’t match the actual effort, and I’m trying to understand where this has gone wrong. I’ve eliminated user error, as all I did was connect my Garmin account to Zwift, and instruct Zwift to upload my rides.

December 3, 2017 was my most recent Zwift ride. I decided to ride “Watopia Pretzel”. It’s a known ride with known elevation and distance.

In Zwift, my metrics were recorded as:
Distance: 46.9 miles
Elevation: 4199 feet

In Garmin Connect, the metrics were recorded as:
Distance: 46.9 miles
Elevation: 6997 feet

I went back through some previous rides and found that all of them are incorrect. Have others actually gone and compared their Garmin Connect data with their Zwift ride data and noticed this inconsistency with elevation data since Zwift has made the upload automatic?

Seems the issue is know and that it is on Garmin’s end. 

Here is a search within the community for Garmin Connect Elevation and you should see that you are not the only one with the issue (you may have to go into some threads since at first Garmin Connect was not reporting any elevation):

Hi Paul,

Yes, I did see many of the same issues, but all of them pre-date the announcement from Zwift that we could connect our Garmin accounts. I believe that was September, 2017. Most of the prior complaints seem to involve downloading files and uploading them manually to Garmin Connect, any part of which might cause some manner of corruption or user error.

However, I’m referring specifically to the server-to-server connection, where my Garmin account is linked to Zwift, and the data transfer is automatic.

I’m reporting it again because somewhere along the line, the data are incorrect. I think Zwift needs to be made aware of the issue. It seems unlikely to me that Garmin is doing anything with the data beyond ingesting it, so I suspect the problem is on the Zwift end.

This one is from Nov. of this year:


Thanks Paul. I’m baffled that the support / KB site doesn’t have a mechanism to filter / sort by date. You get posts from 10 minutes ago mixed with posts from 3 years ago. Good job finding this. You may be a Jedi or something.