Zwift Ride Doesn't Upload to Garmin Connect

Hello-After my Zwift ride I would like the details of the ride to automatically upload to Garmin Connect. I’ve setup the connection in Zwift with the user name and password. After the ride, I press the save and upload to Garmin button but the ride never makes it to Garmin Connect.

Has anyone had luck with the upload to Garmin Connect automatically? If so, how did you get it? What am I missing?

Thanks for any feedback!

Mine has worked flawlessly for awhile now. You might want to disconnect and reconnect Zwift>Garmin and see if that resolves the issue, it has for many others.

Thanks for the response. It does work now. My issue was with the length of the rides. I was saving really short rides to check the connection and transfer. The standard is that Zwift (this is from them directly) doesn’t upload to 3rd party interfaces on a ride less than 2K. It will show up on Zwift but not transfer so it doesn’t fill up your 3rd party feed. Anyway, I did a longer ride yesterday and it went over perfectly. Thanks again!