Exporting Zwift rides to Garmin connect - no height

Hi, I’m a new beta tester since yesterday. Have been longing to get on Swift since the first announcement and I now got myself a Tacx Vortex Smart to be able to join all the fun!

I log my training in other places than Strava. And the common hub for my training log is Garmin Connect, since I have their products for running etc. But when exporting a .fit-file from Zwift activity log and then exporting to Garmin I do not get any height data. E.g. this activity https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/894411824

If I instead export a .gpx file from Strava I will get height but not power or cadence. e.g. this activity of the same ride https://connect.garmin.com/modern/activity/894410554

Is this a know issue and do you know any workaround or a fix that can be applied? 


Thanks a lot I think I will enjoy the winter training more than ever this year :wink:

Stefan, from Gothenburg Sweden

Fun fact: Watopia’s elevation is entirely Zwift created! :slight_smile:

While we take pride in designing this course and basing it in a real-world location, it unfortunately also means that other programs can think they need to correct the elevation because those mountains don’t actually exist.

When uploading to Garmin Connect, you’ll need to turn off elevation corrections. There was a bug with this in the past where turning off elevation corrections caused an error - I don’t know if this is still active or not. If the bug is still active, then that’s an issue you’ll need to contact Garmin about.


Thanks for the reply!

In the session i mentioned it is rightfully so that height adjustment are turned on. But when I try to turn it off Garmin Connect says there is an error with the height data and that it can not turn it off, so I believe the bug you refer to still exists. I’ll contact them and see if they would like to make it work… 


Did you get a solution ?  I have the same problem.

Looking for some answers and I did some experimenting to see if I could make it work, and came up with the following.

I exported the fit from Zwift imported into Ride With GPS and then exported from Ride with GPS via  TCX History file format and then imported into Garmin Connect and the elevation data was there.

A lot of steps but it worked.