Problems with Watopia

Two issues:

(1) Wife and I both rode the new island (Watopia) for the first time last night. Upon downloading the .fit files and uploading them to Garmin Connect, neither shows an elevation profile or elevation gained (hers and mine both have the entire ride at 3’). I double checked and the old island (Jarvis) .fit files show the changing elevation and total elevation gained. I posted on the Zwift Riders FB page and others are having this same issue with Garmin Connect (but not Strava). Some thought it was an issue of Watopia .fit files forcing “Elevation Corrections” in Garmin Connect, which never happened with Jarvis .fit files.  Any ideas how to get Zwift to put the elevation profile back into the .fit files so they work with Garmin Connect?

(2) Is there a way to set local time for Zwift? The .fit files from our Sunday ride at 6pm show up as Monday at 1pm in Garmin.  It’s super cute that you’re using Micronesia Standard Time, but this is playing havoc when uploading to Garmin Connect, Training Peaks, Strava, etc.  Would love for the download files to match up with reality for uploading to Garmin and Training Peaks.  I know TrainerRoad lets you set your local time zone.  Would love to see that in Zwift.


I’ve found the same. I think the .fit files are screwed as, if you use the tools at to change the file in some way, they seem to correct the elevation data and it’s all there in the converted file.

Incidentally, one of those tools can be used to change the date/time.

From what I understand, Garmin only uses elevation data from Garmin units with altimeters, otherwise they use public altitude data to try and correct. It seems they didn’t have correction data for Jarvis, so they used what we had in the fit files. For Watopia, they do appear to have public altitude data so they seem to be using that.

In regards to timestamps, from what I know, Strava is treating Zwift rides as real rides, so we can’t alter those. We haven’t worked closely with the other training platforms, so I can’t speak to those.

We’ll be following up on this issue from our end. Thanks for the info!

Same here. Watopia does not work with GC; yet Richmond has no problems. There has to be something in the fit file that is preventing Garmin Connect to properly read the elevations. I wish this could be fixed. 

try using to change the device to a Garmin cycle device with a barometric altimeter  such as the Edge 500. That modified fit file should then include the device type and hopefully sites such as Garmin Connect and Strava will consider the elevation data within the fit file to be valid.


As a side note, hopefully Zwift will be talking with Garmin/Strava to ensure that Zwift is a supported device type and the elevation data is to be trusted.