Missing elevation data

From what I can tell in the archive people have different opinions about Zwift elevation data, but I really love doing the recommended inclines in Zwift and think it’s a shame I don’t get credit for them anywhere! I’m training for a vertical race but I can’t see my incline pace on Zwift nor Strava, it just says flat 1km when I’ve probably climbed 800! I get it that not everyone does the inclines but this makes me not want to use Zwift for anything other than an easy flat run.

I understand your issue and I have the same feeling about using inclines in Zwift. I don’t have the same issue but it is related. I can see the “elevation” I run on Zwift since my treadmill is sending data to Zwift. Then it is sent to Strava which is my main platform to log data.
However, I have the problem that my treadmill sends the incline steps not the actual grade (one step is ~0.66%). This screws up my Strava data completely when I want to train hill climbing (I’m training for Swiss Alpine K68). When I set my treadmill to max incline it’s 22 incline steps but only 14% grade. Zwift interpret it as 22%. Therefor I mostly do flat runs in Zwift, I want my climbed meters in Strava to be true.

I would like a function where I can calibrate this. I would like step 1 incline to be interpreted as flat (this simulates some wind resistance) and then be able to set the incline steps to the actual grade it is.