Smart treadmills for ZWIFT

Any opinions on best treadmill for running with ZWIFT? Read Technogym MyRun popular but I’d really like seamless elevation and incline data collection and… date I dream… transfer of that elevation data to Strava. Anybody know of any treads like that? Or of any in development that might do that?

My setup does transfer the elevation/incline data to Strava. I imagine most setups would. I happen to be on a Woodway, linked to Zwift with a North Pole Engineering treadmill gem module.

The workout data looks a little funny on Strava since the elevation only climbs; my treadmill does not go below 0 incline. But the incline data is there. For elevation Strava sees how I had the treadmill set, not the terrain map in Zwift. So if you are running laps on the track in Zwift but have the treadmill inclined, Strava will show the incline work. If you run up then down a hill, the downhill portion will not be visible.

But I actually do like that it shows the incline work that I did.