Elevation - is there a way to disable?

I enjoy tracking my walks on my treadmill in Zwift to other apps I import/sync into (Garmin connect, Strava, etc)

One thing I noticed is that the elevation is getting recorded as well. I want my stats as realistic as possible (for a virtual walk anyway) but since I am on a treadmill there is no elevation (maybe if Zwift would suggest an incline to set on the treadmill at different times) but otherwise I’m at zero or very little incline.

Is there a way to tell Zwift to ignore elevation or somehow remove it from saved activities?

Try the field stripper tool at http://fitfiletools.com.

It does - the incline is shown in the map, as a %. You are free to set your treadmill to this incline. Of course, the negative (descent) parts won’t work as I’m not aware of any treadmill that can do negative slope…

oh thank you, I just noticed that in the map in the upper right! :slight_smile:

neat tool, in my case though not ideal because I’m sync’ing directly from zwift but this is good to know exists.

That’s odd. I am syncing to Strava as well, and I don’t see any elevation gain. It shows 1m elevation gain for the first mile, and zero elevation gain for all other miles.

Fully agree. Cycling reports elevation, yes. Running has never done so for me.

Even when I did use gardient on the TM, Zwift has no way to know about it, so assumes zero. And reports 0m elevation gain on all my virtual runs.

Hello I’m new in Zwift running. Do you have some pictures to indicate the option please? Thanks.

some treadmills report it (mine does for instance). When it’s not reported it generally will be listed as “0”. @Nathalie_V may want to check whether this is happening only on Strava, if so then it is due to Strava’s elevation correction. You can select to “use device data” instead and it will revert to what Zwift reports (either the treadmill data or 0 depending on what it knows).

Thanks for the reply, @runspired. Where is the “use device data” setting? I didn’t see it in Strava.