Runn doesn't record elevation on Zwift?

I thought my device was faulty as I’ve been getting 0 elevation no matter what I did but according to Zwift yesterday that’s because it doesn’t record it? What’s the reason for this? I should have asked when speaking to them but it means for me anyway other than flat workouts and leisurely jogging Zwift is pointless as I have the workouts sent to Strava but with no elevation it just shows me running really slow :man_facepalming: fine for a jog but useless for doing hill reps/run. Also, how are people getting elevation recorded on Zwift as it shows it on the companion app so must work somehow?


Not sure where you have seen elevation being recorded on the companion app as it doesn’t record or display this. Are you sure you’ve not accidentaly looked at somebody cycling stats thinking it was a run. If you’ve mixed activities recorded of your followers it’s easily done.

Zwift does not record elevation. Maybe one day it will be presently it doesn’t. The Runn has the ablility to record this but Zwift running is and probably will remain forever in beta so I think you get what you get now.

Run On!

Since I bought the Runn (around its release) I have seen an additional grey slope in the graph part of my running activities (in the ZC).

Many times, I have read that Zwift doesn’t record elevation but it does record the changes in incline and displays it with the graph showing what looks like cumulative meters climbed.

First pic: changes between 2%-8%

2nd pic: 2% constant

I apologise. I never actually realised the elevation was being secretly recorded.

I’ve looked over my old activities and seen the same as you.

That said I’ve long since abandoned using the Runn add a speed sensor owning to its fluctuating reporting of speed.
I use mine for cadence only these days.

Unfortunately we are still in the same position in that Zwift doesn’t report the actual data.

It was just the ‘ft’ icon on the companion app that I thought might be for elevation but the screen might just be a mix of cycling and running (it is set for running at the top of the display) it doesn’t matter anyway as you’ve both answered what I was wondering. Just a case of using it within its limitations. I asked zwift yesterday and they said elevation may become a feature in future…

Just an update, after calibrating it again with Configurez it is now sending the ft climbed data to Strava via a Zwift workout. It’s not displayed on Zwift obviously but I wasn’t getting any incline data on Strava either which was what I was bothered about. Means I can do hilly workouts and the slow pace won’t be on 0% I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before but it is now. I knew it was supposed to do that. Reviews of the Runn have even said so. Working now anyway :thinking:

Here it is working.
Use the configurez app to update and then factory reset runn. Then calibrate both incline and speed from the same app.

The total elevation gain, and elevation profile, is correct in both zwift dot com and strava dot com. (not in garmin, the runn devs are working on it)

The companion app shows elevation gain in realtime.


The grey slope the first 11k is the runn incline not 100% calibrated. The steeper slope at the end is me setting the treadmill on 10%.