Elevation gain with NPE Runn

I’ve just started using NPE Runn and so far it’s been really accurate and pretty much bang in line with the treadmill speed.

The only think I can’t seem to work out is the elevation gain. I can’t see any elevation data in the Zwift Companion app or Strava which is linked.

Any advice is appreciated.


Garmin will pull in the data if you download the ConnectIQ field. I’m not sure it’s worth it for all the faff

Hi, I am having this trouble too. I see elevation in garmin & Strava but not zwift

Zwift does not record elevation when running.

As other have noted, it’s on Strava and Garmin but not displayed on the Zwift Companion App.

The issue I have however is that the elevation gain recorded isn’t quite right. It’s higher by an inconsistent amount with each run even though the elevation grade displayed is accurate. Along with accurate pace.

NPE recently updated the RUNN to allow to connect to your Garmin via FCE which should have removed the need for the ConnectIQ app however it never worked for me. I’m still using the ConnectIQ field and only getting elevation data in the ConnectIQ field and not the standard field.