How can I see elevation using the Zwift Runn in zwift companion app?

I have the zwift Runn but it’s not sending my elevation gain to zwift or zwift companion. It’s in my garmin app.
Does anyone have a fix for this??

I don’t think Zwift records any elevation changes for running, does it? My understanding is all Zwift running is treated as flat ground, even running up AdZ.

Ok thanks

That’s unfortunate! I hope they upgrade

Probably not possible (or reasonable) until there are true Zwift-compatible treadmills that change inclination as the road goes up (and down??).

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Don’t know if this helps. U can find the elevation in the graph of the companion app after the run. The elevation is also transferred to Strava…image|497x500

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I saw the elevation in Strava but not in the main profile of companion!

That’s right Melissa. It doesn’t show the elevation in the profile. So far u can c the elevation only in each single activity…