Am I good to go?

Hi there,
I have a H10 Polar cheststrap, I have a Stryd footpod and I soon will have my treadmill (probably Tunturi T80).

The treadmill is not on the supported treadmill list but I assume that is no problem because I have the H10 and the Stryd, right?

Will I see my climbing meters on Strava using the Stryd?
Does the Stryd needs callibration or not?

Tx, and see you soon in Watopia

Yes you will be able to use Zwift Run with the Stryd. When you log in you select the Stryd as the run speed source.

No you will not see any elevation in Strava. While your virtual avatar my be running up a hill as far as Stryd is concerned you are running on a flat surface (treadmill). All indoor runs will have 0 elevation gain. Stryd uses a barometric sensor (IIRC) to calculate elevation gain so it only works outdoors in real life.

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Tx for the answer.
So the only way to record elevation is by using a smart treadmill?

No. Smart treadmills don’t record elevation. A smart treadmill only means it sends speed data to Zwift. To my knowledge there is no way to get elevation data for runs from Zwift.

There are some 3rd party apps you can use as a bridge that can send incline data (but you have to enter it manually, ie tell the app you are incline 3 and if you change it during your run you need to manually change it in the app).

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Tx, is that the “Runcline” app?

I don’t mind doing it manually, as long as my incline is recorded on file.

IIRC yes the RunCline app will provide elevation data to the Zwift fit file if you change that setting in the app. But I’ve never used it as I had a smart treadmill then also got a Stryd foot pod I use for Zwift running.