Red Flag

Yesterday, in an important race, Scottie Weiss got flagged by Zwift, which automatically kicked him out of the race.

Please stop this feature. Let race organizers disqualify whom they want. You kicked out someone who has already proven he can put out huge watts, from 1 minute, 5 minutes, and an hour.

At least he could finish the race. Everyone watching the race was upset.

Hi Zee,

The flier alert is always a work in progress, but more often than not, it is indeed accurate. We are working with Scottie to make sure that his setup is still correct, as we have no doubt in his abilities. The flier alert filters out quite a few riders with incorrect setups, and is an valuable tool. 

Thanks for considering my comment.

I realize there is purpose behind it (well-intentioned)

Maybe it would be helpful to let us know exactly what are the standards?

(and I’m glad R.E. wasn’t flagged when she did an amazingly high wattage lap of Watopia in the CVR race, and hour)

I’m glad there are the internal limits (400 wts for unassigned trainers and 1200 watts sprint max) but I think Zwift would be better served by letting handle the in-race over-wattage situation.