Trouble keeping up with pack in zwift races

Hi all. I’ve been racing on zwift since I’ve joined the platform and have had issues keeping up with the lead because I’m so light. I have an ftp of 212 which equates out to something about 4.3 w/kg. But even when I race B group, I get dropped within the first mile of the race. I’ve been hearing that they’re going to change how categorization works, but when will that be out? Thanks!

It feels very unnatural, but often you need to be doing ~5W/Kg for the first minute in Bs, you need to keep with that surge at all costs… They will settle at a more sensible pace by ~2mins unless it’s a sprint event under 10mins long.

Races using the newish “Category Enforcement” should improve the fairness of who is in B, the start could also be more crazy in races where all categories start together and so As might go like a rocket out of the pen (perhaps dragging stronger Bs with them to at least some extent).