Weight dropped and category wrong

A few days ago I logged onto Zwift to do a structured workout and when I started I was in my zone 1, but it was saying I was doing something like 4 wkg, so I looked around a bit to figure out what was going on and discovered my weight was set really low. Something like 100 lbs. lighter. I didn’t really think anything of it—I figured it was some bug and I updated with my current weight and forgot about it and did my interval session.

Today I am looking for a race and see I’ve been category enforced up to A. I’m normally a B (and not top of the Bs lately, at least for my ftp). I thought maybe my VO2 intervals were high enough for the zMAP number to go over the limit (which would be fine, if true), but I just checked and it’s only 4.7 wkg so I’m assuming whatever happened with my weight caused me to get placed in A? My zFTP is only 3.5 wkg. I checked zwiftpower to see if I had accidentally raced with the wrong weight and I have not (I would have noticed immediately anyways and fixed it/quit the race). And I’ve only done a few rides and races (3 I think) this entire summer, so what gives?

It’ll be because of the weight mishap.

Email zwiftpower@zwift.com and we’ll be able to sort it out for you.

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Thanks James. Sent the email. I actually think this is not a bug. I vaguely remember my 16 month old grabbing my phone at some point when I was browsing the companion app a week or two ago. Must have edited the weight and I didn’t realize :joy:. It was funny on Sunday when I was doing 100 watts and flying during the warm up for the interval session. At first I thought it was some weird erg mode syncing thing.

Thanks John - I’ve replied to your email.