Zwiftpower category fix

I updated weight and did race but wkg result based on old lighter weight and pushed me up a category, how do you fix ? I updated weight in CA but ZP is working on wrong weight for event

I think the weight is correct, but you hadn’t refreshed your ZP profile page. I just did that for you and it shows the same weight as in Zwift.

I’m trying to update the power metrics also but it might take a bit of time.

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Looks sorted now.

Thanks but result for event has wrong 95% wkg causing the category change !

I’ll need to have one of our devs have a look to see why it is still using the old weight.

Did you definitely change it prior to the event?

In the CA I went in to change yep right as started riding this morning , here is proof of weight after event and yesterday

Did you change it during the event or before you entered the pen?

Might have been in pen, not sure tbh

It’s not possible to change your weight during the event, in order to remove a loophole that some nefarious characters were taking advantage of to become lighter, but not easily detectable during an event.

If you changed your weight when you were in the pen, that would explain why this happened. If you want me to invalidate your result, I can.

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Ok guess it makes sense , yep invalidate I guess , I’ll note to update before heading to pen, thanks James

Sorted, back in B again.

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