Unwanted category upgrade despite being below weighted power


Just a couple of days ago I seem to have been upgraded from C-B without having a new FTP (which still stands at 3.1). I had some success in some SHORT (4km) B cat races, but on normal length races I tend to be in the middle of the pack in C.

So why the upgrade??? This will make things much less fun, when getting absolutely pummeled in B…
Also haven’t stepped on a scale recently but probably have 77 instead of 76 right now which brings the W/kg even further down.

cheers, Ride On
patrick - TIGHT cycling

zMAP thresholds changed over the weekend, limit for pen C is under 4.1W/Kg.

Data period is now 90 days, not 60.

Hi Steve, thanks for the info… Where can I see those values and what would happen if I see that my weight went up by 1kg or so (only step on the scale once per quarter or so). Would it revert back?
I only had some success in very short flat races that probably pushed my 4min power up…
I am definitely not a B-cat rider and barely hang on in C, when the race is 15+km
Thanks for your input

cheers, Ride On
patrick - TIGHT cycling

You can see all the data about your zFTP and zMAP on your feed on the zwift website. On the right side of the page below your Profile information is your Fitness which includes the data. I don’t think you can see this information on the Zwift or Companion apps.

You will have to manually calculate your w/kg though because Zwift is Zwift and that would be too easy for the users if they showed it as w/kg (it might also be because this would tip people off to how adding a few kgs here and there can affect your category but don’t tell anyone about reverse doping because that could get you maintenanced).

If your weight goes up and it drops your w/kg below BOTH of the thresholds for zFTP and zMAP (which are currently 3.36w/kg and 4.1w/kg respectively) then I believe you should drop a category although it may take a day to process the weight change.

Here is the page about category enforcement limits:

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Keep in mind that weights are averaged across the measuring period to limit the effect of manipulation.

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I believe it’s the average of the weights at which power bests were set… it’s only a 90 day window.

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Hi James, just out of interest and maybe a bit pedantic - but on which data is the average being calculated? As I note that I recently recorded a 5 minute power best that was outlined on my zwift profile page but the WPG figure suggested an increase of ca 0.6kg where the actual weight gain was closer to 3kg! So are the power curve figures all calculated on a average of all the other power curve duration numbers or some other method? Thanks

The weights are averaged from all the PRs

Paul, Thanks very much for your reply. Sorry I have a follow on question: taking the information in the attached thread (Category Enforcement Update) Zwifter X’s power best for 12 mins is 340watts recorded at a weight of 73kg giving 4.66wkg. Alternatively this is 4.72wkg if using the average weight of 72kg. Which of these is used in the Zwift Activity Feed Peak Power calcs? For mine the WKG displayed do not correspond to my weight at the time the power best was set? Thanks again